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At Mits, we know that creating a website is just one of the stages in building a company’s image on the Internet. The situation is similar when creating e-commerce solutions. Without any additional actions, we will leave the client alone, forcing him to discover the power of the Internet on his own. Some of these people will probably manage in a more or less effective way but can’t it be easier?

The digital product alone is not the end of the adventure

Our many years of experience shows that even the best-prepared application without knowledge of how to use it in practice can be effective only in a fraction of its potential. There may be several thousand product pages in the online store itself, but its user may not have the idea that the product he is looking for is available. What’s more, the owner of such a store may not even know that the user was looking for a product and did not find it. What does this mean? Nothing else but the loss of the store owner.

At Mits, we offer many solutions that eliminate this and many similar problems. In cooperation with the client, we define key goals that he wants to achieve and optimize websites for popular search engines. What’s more, we implement advanced configuration of analytical tools, allowing for:

  • monitoring website traffic
  • verification of the effectiveness of achieving the set goals
  • verification of the value of completed orders and monitoring of abandoned baskets
  • preview of users’ movements in the application
  • A / B tests

System stability guarantee

In addition to preparing website analytics and search engine optimization, we offer our clients application monitoring and post-implementation support. Thanks to such solutions, we can be sure that any server or application problems will be eliminated immediately. Support, in turn, will guarantee the owner of the application that his ideas for further development will be described and planned in detail and then implemented.

Mits is above all your partner!

We are aware that many customers with great ideas do not have full technical knowledge about existing solutions on the market. That is why we meet with a helping hand, offering technical consultations. We analyze the idea or an existing product, write down the client’s needs and goals, then propose the best possible solution.
I have an idea! Can I afford it?

As part of our services, we often suggest building the so-called MVP – minimally ready product to be placed on the market. This is a great way to convince the originator whether his assumptions will work after entering the market. Thanks to this solution and work in short iterations, we can easily verify that the product is going in the right direction. After each iteration, the originator can decide whether he wants to continue development or if the idea turned out to be a mistake.

If you want to learn more about support and maintenance services, write us or call. We are at your disposal.

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