Case study

Serwis e-commerce i aplikacja mobilna Labilab

Dedicated web application for creating personalized products

The need

Labilab is a printing company specialized offset, digital and plotter printing. The brand, having unique printing machines on a national scale, decided to expand its range of personalized products. In addition to standard printed materials such as leaflets or folders, Labilab also wanted to enter the retail market, expanding its offer with photo books, albums and other personalized products. At the time of establishing cooperation, the company had a website and a mobile application. However, they did not meet the business objectives set by the company’s owners.

Project goals

The most important goal set by Labilab was to simplify the handling of album and photobook orders within 3 months - the customer wanted to have a working product before Christmas. The existing solutions were not stable, and the manner of their service deviated from the standards adopted in e-commerce solutions. During the workshops, we agreed that the key element would be reorganizing the admin panel, thereby simplifying the order management procedure. In addition, the possibility of establishing cooperation with influencers whose task would be to promote the brand on the Internet was set as an additional goal. From our point of view, it was also important to significantly improve the design of the site, because the previous version was based on bootstrap 3 components and therefore did not stand out completely from the competition.

Product Design

  • App redesign
  • Tutorial animation

Web development

  • Dedicated e-commerce app
  • Users management
  • Reports and statistics
  • Customer Zone module
  • Loyalty platform

Mobile application

  • Hybrid app for iOS and Android

E-commerce solution

After analyzing the existing solution, we defined the main tasks to be implemented in the first three months of the project. We decided that the key would be to design new website design and rewrite all components again so that

it would be possible to automate process orders on the administrative side. The challenge, although not easy, was realized successfully and the potential customer had the option of ordering products at the end of November.

Labilab website, landing page
Dedicated internet application - printing software

Mobile application

After refining the web version, in January 2020 it was time to implement mobile applications for iOS and Android. We decided to use hybrid tools due to short deadlines for development and the need

to run fully functioning applications. After this stage, support service is being implemented to this day, under which we are constantly adding new functionalities.

Mobile applications Chicago

Key features and modules

As part of the implementation, we have prepared a number of dedicated modules using the languages PHP (Symfony), JS (Vue), Kotlin and Swift, which include:

Module for managing photo products, photo upload and advanced cropping.

The administrator can define his own product groups and products assigned to them. On the user's side, it is possible to create a photo product through a collective upload of photos, the ability to select photos from albums in social media (FB and Instagram), advanced framing and ordering the prepared product. Of course, it is possible to pay for the product both via online and traditional transfer.

Module for managing photo products, photo upload and advanced cropping.

User management module

The administrator has the ability to fully manage users divided into specific roles. As part of the module, it is possible to verify electronically generated contracts, preview the turnover generated by customers, order history or the table of commissions for traders.

User management module

Customer zone module

As part of this module, registration and login have been prepared, thanks to which the user can potentially receive loyalty discounts and view the history of his orders.

Customer zone module

Mobile application

The mobile application has exactly the same functionalities as the web version. It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Mobile application

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