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Maria Curie-Skłodowska University creative support

The need

The Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin is the largest public university in Poland on the eastern side of the Vistula, providing education at 11 Faculties in Lublin and the Branch Faculty in Puławy. In order to reach the largest group of young people, the university needed creative support in the creation of, among others, promotional materials, recruitment campaigns, folders and leaflets with the education offer.

Project goals

Our cooperation with UMCS began in 2015 with a promotional project of university language courses and turned into a permanent visual support that continues to this day. When creating the image of the university, we try to reach the target audience by always using fresh and modern visual solutions. Due to the large number of departments and fields of study, the university needs constant support in the field of creating new promotional materials, folders and brochures with the education offer, departmental leaflets, graphic creations for special events such as open doors, recruitment campaigns, competitions and social support media, gadgets and products for the university store. In addition, in cooperation with UMCS, we have made many projects for various types of printing, posters, roll-ups, billboards, exhibition walls, stickers and many others. In October 2020, we also started work on the University's Internal Visual Identification System. We believe that in cooperation with UMCS, the materials we design meet the expectations of future students to the highest degree and help them choose the right direction for their future.


  • Design of the Internal Visual Identification System 
  • Logo design 
  • Book of the Internal Visual Identification System 
  • Visual identification materials design i.e. business cards, letterheads, folders, envelopes, car wraps

Product Design

  • Ensuring full and systematic implementation of promotional materials for printing, among others brochures, folders, departmental leaflets, calendars 
  • Graphic creation of materials for special events, competitions and celebrations 
  • 3d projects 
  • key visuals creation

Support and maintenance

  • Graphics for Social Media 
  • Recruitment campaigns in Poland and abroad

Internal Visual Identification System

In October 2020, we undertook the implementation of the Internal Visual Identification System for the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. We started our work by establishing the main theme and preparing several different options. After developing the final version of the creation, we started working on creating the book of identification systems. The UMCS Internal Visual Identification System book presents graphic solutions for all methods of implementing traffic management system marking at UMCS.

SIWW aims to facilitate the quick identification of the location, allowing for trouble-free orientation in the field. The presented graphic solutions are designed in a concise, legible and understandable way, not creating problems with the interpretation of the content, thus eliminating the uncertainty as to the choice of the right path, and thus affecting the well-being of the recipients of the information.

The campus map

As part of the creation of the UMCS Internal Visual Identification System, we also designed a new map of the campus. The map contains a total of thirty illustrations of buildings of faculties, institutes, student houses and other types of buildings that reflect their actual appearance. Moreover, we designed the topography of the town with street names, legends and city bike markings.

Information brochures

An important element in cooperation with the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin is regular cooperation in the creation of new information brochures, business folders, guides and many other multi-page materials for printing. Together with new projects, we develop a new graphic creation while maintaining a modern and fresh style. We also attach great importance to the fact that the content and the most important information are placed in the most legible and transparent way for the recipient.

Faculty leaflets

UMCS provides education at 11 faculties in Lublin and the local faculty in Puławy, 80 fields of study and nearly 250 specializations. Every year, they propose new education paths to candidates and improve the already available offer with unique and practical specializations. On the other hand, every year we try to develop a new graphic design of 12 faculty leaflets presenting the candidates with the always up-to-date educational offer.

Creative support

In cooperation with UMCS, we have also implemented many creative projects promoting various university events, gadgets, prints on clothes and accessories, stickers and much more.

Social Media

We also systematically support UMCS in creating the image of future recruitment campaigns, open doors, recruitment campaigns conducted abroad, webinars, virtual online meetings with students.

Open doors

Key visual developed for the Open Doors in 2020. As part of the campaign, we have prepared a number of materials promoting the event.

Open doors

Virtual Open doors

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Open Doors in 2020 were canceled and moved to the "network", and the university needed support in developing a new key visual for the virtual open door.

Virtual Open doors

Recruitment Campaigns conducted abroad

Over 1,800 foreigners representing nearly 50 countries of the world study at UMCS.

Recruitment Campaigns conducted abroad

Recruitment campaigns

Every year, UMCS offers candidates new paths of education and an improved offer already available through unique and practical specializations - we help in creating new and fresh creative solutions promoting new directions.

Recruitment campaigns

UMCS language courses

In July 2015, we had the pleasure of working with the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University on a promotional project of university language courses. The entire campaign is conducted under the slogan: Plan Your Future. Our main task was to prepare the concept and create the leading theme. We have also designed a series of promotional materials based on key visual.

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