Case study

Website, mobile application and dedicated application of QualUp business consulting

QualUp dedicated application

The need

CXB are experts with many years of industry experience in the field of business consulting, working for the largest brands in the automotive, catering and beauty industries. The team noticed that the problem with their services is the need for many hours of consultations with a classic advisor at every stage of the service implementation. In response to this problem, they came up with an idea (ingenious in our opinion;)) that the consultant's duties should be taken over by the machine where possible. This is how the idea of the QualUp startup was born - an individual consultant for companies.

Qualup application goals

QualUp is an innovative service whose task is to constantly monitor the progress of companies' development. The client came to us with very clearly defined development plans. The main goals that were outlined were to create a unique visual identification and to create a dedicated web application that will enable companies to diagnose problems and gradually eliminate them. In addition, we agreed that it would also be crucial to provide a mobile application for subscribers as well as a sales landing page website.

Web development

  • dedicated application
  • advanced CMS
  • external integrations
  • landing page sales page

Product Design

  • Scoping session
  • Functional mockups
  • UX / UI

Support and maintenance

  • Design workshops
  • IT consulting
  • Website monitoring
  • Post-implementation support

Project workshops

Due to the size of the project and the degree of its complexity, organizing design workshops was a necessary pre-implementation step. At this stage, after many hours of involvement of both parties, we defined the scope of the project and clarified the key design issues. As a result of the work, a detailed scope of work to be performed as well as an indicative schedule was created. The developed concept covered issues in such categories as:

  • Users and data security,
  • Information flow in the system,
  • Development of the interface concept,
  • Selection of external tools to support the project.

Thanks to the workshops, it was possible to fully understand the ideas and expectations of our Partner, which resulted in suggesting additional possible solutions, some of which were put into practice.

Development of the system architecture

Knowing the full scope of work, we started working on the system architecture and modules available on the administrative side. As a result, we have developed a full specification of modules and database structure as well as diagrams illustrating the processes taking place in the application. We also knew that due to the implementation of the project in the Agile methodology, it would certainly turn out that the assumptions would change. However, we were perfectly prepared for it.

The entire system was created using the Symfony framework (on the backend side) and Vue (on the frontend side). Thanks to this selection of tools, we were sure that the application would be safe, fast and modern.

System IT architecture planning

User Interface project of the administration panel and the end customer panel

Design works were carried out in parallel to the technological works. As a result, a number of mockups were created, both for the administration panel and the customer panel. Therefore, we obtained an overview of what the critical points of the system should look like, such as elements of company branch management, individual user access, as well as the entire survey management module and mapping survey responses to recommendations.

Designing mockups and UX views

Content management system (CMS) and application dedicated to the end user

The development of dedicated content management system modules has brought us a lot of pleasure. As a result, QualUp has received some really interesting features. The most interesting of them are described below.

Innovative module for mapping survey responses to recommendations

As intended, product surveys can consist of several types of questions:

  • Logical questions (yes / no)
  • Single choice
  • Multiple logical choice
  • Open-ended questions
  • File Upload

Each answer can be described by administrators with a separate value.

These values are used in the system in various ways. Thanks to the use of formulas known from Excel, it is possible to display questions conditionally, depending on the answers to other questions. When creating recommendations, the administrator can also use formulas to determine which recommendations should be displayed for a specific response or group of responses.

These formulas are validated in real time, which ensures convenience even with very complex surveys.

Innovative module for mapping survey responses to recommendations
Mapping answers module

Product versioning and survey history

Each product (e.g. improving quality and business results in the beauty industry) can evolve with the development of knowledge about the product. The multitude of changing regulations, the need to obtain certificates and many other variables make the advisory system as flexible as possible.

Therefore, to meet the expectations of the industries, we have created a system that allows you to work on many versions at the same time. When a user uses, for example, the first version, it is possible for administrators to prepare a new, updated version. Additionally, we have enriched the system with a content mapping module from the previous version to the current version. This means that the administrator can freely add, remove and change questions without fear that the statistics from previous versions of the product will not correspond to the current one.

We have also implemented the function of browsing the historically given answers. This option is especially useful for reports and system statistics.

Product versioning and survey history

System for generating statistics and reports

Each product, based on successively completed questionnaires, is enriched with new data. These data, eg averages, deviations, etc. are used to generate statistics and compare companies with average market values. It is therefore possible to track the company's progress on spider charts, line and bar charts, and the data displayed within the product is fully manageable thanks to the aforementioned Excel formulas.

However, if the reports in the html version were not sufficient for users, we also implemented the option of downloading reports, statistics and recommendations for csv and pdf files.

System for generating statistics and reports

Managing the company with a division into any extensive organizational structure

Due to the complex organizational structures of end customers, we have created the possibility of creating their hierarchy in any way. Additionally, within each organizational unit, we made it possible to assign users (along with defining authorization levels). So we can have users who only monitor progress within one province, users supervising the work of the entire company, employees filling out surveys for a specific product in only one branch. We can also completely mix accesses. Everything is flexibly adapted to the company's needs.

Managing the company with a division into any extensive organizational structure

Fully automated process of subscription payments divided into variants of full access or monitoring

Access to the system is provided after connecting a payment card. Thanks to the integration with a payment intermediary, the user can change both the scope of access to the product and the duration of the subscription at any time. He can also purchase additional products. Due to the specific requirements of our client, we have additionally integrated the gate with an external invoicing system. Full flexibility and maximum security.

Fully automated process of subscription payments divided into variants of full access or monitoring

Module for managing one-off and recurring tasks as part of the recommendation

As the project developed, we noticed that the recommendations should contain different tasks in terms of repetition. So we added the option of marking tasks (and thus also recommendations) as one-time or cyclical. Additionally, we have enriched the module with a component for adding recommendations to the calendar.

Module for managing one-off and recurring tasks as part of the recommendation

Survey module for mystery shoppers and interviewers

In addition to product questionnaires supplemented by company employees, we have enriched the system with the possibility of fulfilling questionnaires by mystery shoppers and interviewers. Like ordinary respondents, they have the opportunity to answer questions in the same way - however, they answer questions intended specifically for them. The recommendations generated in this way are presented to the employees, but they know nothing about the participation of these users in the process.

These functions are only a part of the work carried out in this part of the system. However, before we move on to the description of the next part of the project, it is worth mentioning at this point the full internationalization, event logging system, backup system, 2FA or WCAG mode, which we had the opportunity to implement. In short: a tailor-made dedicated application.

Survey module for mystery shoppers and interviewers

QualUp MVP

Before QualUp got to where it is today, the nature of the project required a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version to be created as soon as possible. For the needs of the first interested companies in the automotive industry, we had to prepare a prototype that would reset the data to the agreed version every time you log in, so that you could present the solution in an unchanged form to any user.

QualUp mobile application

All functions in the QualUp web application have also been implemented in the hybrid mobile application available on Google Play (Android) and the AppStore (iOS).

QualUp mobile application

QualUp sales website

In addition to a dedicated web application and mobile application, our task was to create a sales landing page website. Due to the short lead times, we decided to use Sulu as a headless CMS and Vue on the frontend side. Using flexible blocks and built-in multilingual mechanisms, we completed the whole thing in less than 2 weeks. As part of the website, we have also implemented a product purchase mechanism coupled with the CMS administration panel and a payment gateway.

QualUp sales website

Post-implementation support and further development of QualUp

After completing the first stage of the project in May 2022, we smoothly moved to post-implementation support. In addition to the standard maintenance contract, we cooperate with QualUp as technical consultants. The following functions include full branding personalization, adding new types of questions, expanding statistics, configurable sections managed by users and many other tasks. The backlog with ideas is constantly growing and we are proudly waiting for QualUp to get loud all over the world because it is a truly groundbreaking digital product!

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