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From simple websites to advanced applications

We keep an eye on trends so that the websites we create are not only the showcase of the customer on the Internet but also achieve the sales goals set for them. We know that a well-implemented website helps to appear in the customer’s mind much more effectively than any “traditional” solution.

Our team of experts supports clients at every stage of the project. We help to recognize the company’s needs and advise on the stage of defining goals. We suggest modern and proven solutions – both in terms of usability of websites and in terms of infrastructure efficiency.

We also know that a website is often just the beginning of a road. Therefore, we also offer e-commerce solutions: online stores or customer relationship management systems (CRM). We install and configure external tools to better monitor user behavior on customer services. We make our client aware of all events occurring in his online business.

And when existing solutions (stores or basic websites) are not enough, we are able to recognize the needs of our customers and propose the preparation of dedicated applications. Training systems, marketplaces, document circulation tools, distribution network management systems, advanced complaint services – these are just some examples of digital products that we had the pleasure to prepare.

We also believe that the acquired knowledge should be shared. In addition to our public blog entries, we help others grow: we conduct training – both technical and soft.

If you want to learn more about our services, write us or call us. We are at your disposal.

Services and technologies

Corporate Websites

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Customer Relations Managements (CRM)

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

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