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The term e-commerce covers a very wide range of services. Generally speaking, it is the fulfillment of orders for products and services with the use of Internet channels. Delving a bit more into the subject, we can distinguish here online stores, price comparison websites, marketplaces, wholesalers and tools integrating the website with the most popular sales platforms such as Allegro or Amazon. Each of the aforementioned products can be more or less extensive, enriched with various implementations precisely tailored to the needs of the company, about which we write later in this post.

E-commerce applications are prepared based on the target groups of customers: business for business, business for the consumer, consumer for the consumer and consumer for business. After getting acquainted with the basic assumptions of the project, the team prepares a detailed action plan and determines the nature of the planned service. Thanks to this, we are sure that each e-commerce application coming under the Mits sign is unique and tailored to the client's needs.

Online stores London

The most popular e-commerce solution. Depending on the number of products sold, we use opensource solutions or decide on the need to create dedicated solutions. Additionally, if advanced product search is important, we implement additional search engines. Over the years, we have implemented dozens of stores prepared on the basis of: Wooommerce, Prestashop, Magento and Sylius.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure to create online stores not only for London companies but also for many brands from around the world. The e-commerce solutions we implement are presented in the form of a short list according to their types below.

Online stores with physical products

Along with the advancement of digitization, the percentage of people who make purchases exclusively in online stores is constantly increasing. Whether you're selling food, clothes, jewelry, homes or dietary supplements, you can do it all on a much larger scale today, regardless of the time of day or location. The condition is to have the necessary tools that will facilitate your daily tasks and enable you to reach and service customers in any corner of the world.

Standard online stores prepared by us contain a number of functions that allow you to offer your customers such solutions as they need.

We use modern and secure software to create online stores at Mits. It is true that the choice of a specific solution is made only after getting acquainted with the requirements of your (client) side, however, we can safely say that Sylius currently prevails in the implementation of online stores. Of course, we were also supposed to implement stores based on woocommerce, prestashop or magento.

We decide on the use of a specific online store based on the previously received design brief or after conducting design workshops. Below is a list of the key features our customers have required:

  • Custom login and shopping mechanisms (from long-lasting shopping carts for people who have not logged in to access to the store only for drivers of one of the world's popular taxi companies)
  • inventory control
  • purchase and payment history (including access to products after paying for a subscription)
  • integration with warehouse and sales systems
  • comparing prices and product attributes
  • personalized products (such as albums and calendars in the Labilab online store)
  • wish list
  • multilingualism

We had the opportunity to implement these and many other solutions, and although it might seem that we have already seen everything, we are sure that we will be positively surprised many times by the ideas of our partners. Maybe also yours?

E-commerce applications with digital products

Applications in the SaaS model (software as a service) are becoming more and more popular day by day. Therefore, we have often had the opportunity to create solutions offering access to digital products (services / materials) in subscription models. One of the recently implemented projects of this type was the dedicated business consulting application QualUp.

Online store


Growing type of e-commerce application. This type of service brings together many sellers and allows for one-time purchases from each of them. Due to its nature, the marketplace offers a very wide range of products and allows you to make purchases from many suppliers in one simple basket. It also significantly simplifies the execution of payments for purchased products, leaving the issue of settlements with sellers to the marketplace owners.

A characteristic feature of marketplaces is that one basket used by the end user is most often divided according to product suppliers. In this way, the marketplace administrator can manage orders separately from each supplier and thus eliminates the potential risk of waiting for one product, thus blocking the shipment of the entire order.

Additionally, the way of earning money is characteristic of marketplaces. Unlike a traditional online store, the marketplace is based on sales commissions. Thanks to the possibility of full tracking of orders flowing to suppliers, the administrator of the e-commerce solution has a full view of the events taking place on his website.

The implementation of marketplaces also played a significant role in our portfolio. Our task was to prepare the design and implementation of an e-commerce application for a client from the automotive industry. Various integrations, non-standard methods of importing and settling contractors, and finally automated conditions for defining prices for consumers - these are just some of the elements that we had the pleasure to implement.

Web sites with product catalogs

Web site projects of this type are in fact solutions from the borderline between websites and e-commerce applications. Projects of this type are characterized by the possibility of browsing the full range of products available in the company's offer, using search, filtering and sorting mechanisms. Additionally, catalogs often contain specialist materials related to products, such as manuals.

Modules and integrations of online stores

Our online stores are characterized by a huge number of modules that are more or less visible to the end user. The main functionalities that enrich e-commerce products that we have the opportunity to implement include:

  • online payment modules
  • integration with courier companies
  • integration with inventory management systems
  • integration with invoicing systems
  • integration with comparison websites
  • multi-currency support
  • management of locations and branches
  • product attribute settings
  • parameter settings and shipping costs
  • sales effectiveness monitoring tools
  • sales reports
  • monitoring system and website analyst

What distinguishes a well-implemented online store?

A characteristic feature of a well-implemented online store is the effectiveness of sales through this sales channel. An intuitive purchasing process that allows a potential customer to easily find a product, add it to the cart and complete the purchase is the key to success.

However, in order to obtain this key, a number of steps are required. The online store must be fast - without it, impatient customers will leave the store before finalizing the transaction. Living in a time when everyone expects "asap" results, we cannot allow ourselves to load individual subpages after a few or several seconds.

Another feature of a good online store is its availability. Regardless of the device from which the customer wants to make the transaction, the store should be responsive - all key elements should fit on the screen and events such as clicks on computers or dragged items on mobile devices should be programmed in a specific way. There is nothing more annoying than websites whose elements do not work as intended.

Security at last. When carrying out transactions on the Internet, the customer must be sure that his funds are safe and will not be intercepted by unauthorized persons. Similarly, the customer should be sure that his contact details will not be intercepted and used for purposes other than those provided. At Mits, we make sure that all websites meet the requirements of the GDPR and GIODO. So you can be calm about the safety of your store and focus on the development of your business.

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We create modern and safe online stores

Where money is involved, there is no room for half measures. At Mits, we make sure that the online stores we prepare are fully responsive, fast and reliable, and at the same time intuitive and safe. Therefore, we listen carefully to our customers and propose solutions that often exceed their expectations. We make every effort to ensure that the online stores we create work efficiently and bring profits to their owners.

London online stores - Pricing

"How much does an online store in London cost?" - such a question is often asked by our clients. At this point, it is worth devoting a moment to this issue, because, as it usually happens, "it depends".

So what does the final price of implementing an online store depend on? From the number of man-hours needed to create it. So we have a few options, which are below.

To create an online store:

  • understand what assortment we are dealing with because different industries may reach their target groups in different ways. So we have to conduct a workshop if we do not have this information. However, it may also happen that we receive all the information from you, the customer, and we can almost skip this step. The estimated time for this step ranges from 0 to several dozen hours (if the project is really complex),
  • develop mock-ups and graphic design of the store. There are also two options here: The customer can use a ready-made solution and buy a ready-made template or have it made from scratch. Therefore, the labor consumption of this step in our team, as in the case of workshops, can amount to 0 man-hours, but can also be counted in hundreds (when we need to develop all views + user flows between views),
  • implement the project to the html version. There may be situations where this step will also be performed by you, the customer, on your own. We then only have to verify the implementation and connect the provided code to the online store. Time? For several hours and up,
  • connecting the html project to the online store engine. In the simplest version, in which your requirements coincide with the solution we offer, we only need to attach key variables in each template. Normally, such works may take from about 20-30 hours upwards. However, the issue of pricing becomes more complicated when you contact us expecting additional integrations and non-standard solutions. Then we also break down the implementation issue into details so that it is clear to you what is included in the implementation.
    online store tests. All standard store functions have automatic tests necessary to ensure system integrity. For dedicated modules, however, it is necessary to write new tests to make sure that we have not omitted any of the edge cases. In addition, regardless of the automatic tests, it is important to conduct manual tests so that people who know how to intentionally spoil something try to do it before the store is published 😉. As you can probably guess, the time needed to complete this task is also from a dozen or so hours upwards,
  • publication of an online store. It should be noted that this step includes server configuration, domain connection, database migration and placing the code. Additionally, it would be advisable to connect the monitoring. Time: about 10h.

In addition to the above steps, the key role of the Project Manager should also be mentioned, whose task is constant contact and collecting requirements and information from you, the Client. This is typically around 5-10% of the time of designers, developers, and testers.

In summary, the time needed to implement an online store in London starts from about 30-40 hours. The condition for such a low valuation, however, is the use of only standard solutions on the provided implemented html template. However, assuming a very complicated store with many non-standard functions, the labor intensity may increase 10 times, and often more.

However, regardless of the complexity of the project, we will always prepare a personalized offer for you, in which you will find a list of all the tasks that we will undertake. Check now and get a free quote of your online store for free.

E-commerce application

Frequently asked questions about London Online Stores

How much is the annual maintenance of an online store in London?

There are various payment models for implementing online stores. So you can pay a fixed amount every month using stores in the SaaS model. It is worth mentioning here, however, that adding new functions is a rather complicated process that increases the monthly subscription.

You can also implement a store based on the solutions presented in this post. Then, an additional investment you have to make every year is to extend your domain and hosting. The prices for such a package range from about PLN 200 (shared servers, which we advise against running a sales business) to several thousand up (depending on the size of the store and traffic on it).

What is the implementation time of the online store?

The time to implement an online store in London depends on the number of tasks to be performed. However, we can say that, at a minimum, assuming the existing project and its implementation to html and basic functions, you should assume the implementation time of about 2 weeks from signing the contract.

Do I need an online store to sell only a few products?

If you are just starting your internet business and you have few products / transactions, you can think about creating a regular product catalog with the option of sending inquiries by e-mail. Thus, you will significantly reduce the costs associated with building an online store and only at a later stage, as your business grows, you will add new functions (strictly e-commerce modules).

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