E-commerce applications

The concept of e-commerce covers a very wide range of services. Generally speaking, it is the implementation of orders for products and services using Internet channels. Delving a little more into the topic, we can distinguish online stores, price comparison websites, marketplace and wholesalers. Each of the mentioned products can be more or less developed, enriched with various integrations. The main functionalities enriching e-commerce products include:

  • online payment modules
  • integration with courier companies
  • integration with inventory management systems
  • integration with invoicing systems

E-commerce applications are prepared based on clients’ target groups: business for business, business for the consumer, consumer for the consumer and consumer for business. After familiarizing themselves with the basic assumptions of the project, the team prepares a detailed action plan and determines the nature of the planned website. Thanks to this, we can be sure that every e-commerce application coming out from the Mits banner is unique and tailored to the client’s needs.

Online shops

The most popular e-commerce solution. Depending on the number of products sold, we use open source solutions or decide on the need to create dedicated solutions. In addition, if advanced product search is important, we implement additional search engines. Over the years, we’ve completed dozens of stores based on: Wooommerce, Prestashop, Magento and Sylius.


A growing type of e-commerce application. This type of service brings together many sellers and allows for one-off purchases from each of them. Due to its nature, the service offers a very wide range of products and also enables purchases from many suppliers in one simple basket. It also significantly simplifies the payment process for purchased products, leaving the issue of settlements with sellers to marketplace owners.

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