Case study

Python development team website redesign and rebranding

The need

At the beginning of the cooperation, Sunscrapers were a software house of a dozen or so, specializing in providing applications in Python and implementing projects for agencies and startups from Poland and Western Europe. The main need of the team under the sunny sign was to create a uniform visual identification that would stand out from the competition and highlight the character of the brand.

Project goals

The project was divided into three successive stages. First goal was to prepare and implement rebranding, including the design of the new logo and visual identification system. In the next stage, we designed a new website along with its post-implementation development. In the last part lasting until today, we provide creative support for promotional projects.


  • Logo design and visual identification system 
  • Distinguishing the brand from the competition 
  • Consistency of the brand image

Web development

  • Website design based on a new ID
  • Component construction enabling easy construction of subsequent subpages
  • Increased conversion of acquired queries

Support and maintenance

  • Ensuring smooth and systematic implementation of promotional projects based on visual identification

Mits solution

The brand had a visual identity outline developed: the logo and the colors as well as the precise nature of what they want to be. This well-defined set of company's features, values and vision allowed it to efficiently and relatively easily get through the stage of brand discovery. With Łukasz - CEO at sunscrapers, we conducted a session in

which we determined that the sunscrapers brand needs to present and identify with ambition and professionalism, show an American way of thinking and at the same time bet on the fun of the implementation process and ease of cooperation. In addition, it was important not to stand out completely from the current image.

"Mits’ work is always appreciated by returning clients. Their workflow is seamless and they utilize tools to maximize their efforts. The team is flexible and effective in every aspect and is a positive extension to the client’s team."

Łukasz Karwacki

CEO, Co-Founder w Sunscrapers

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