Case study

Kubala Smart Level System packaging redesign

The need

Kubala is a company with over 30 years of experience in the tool market. Dynamic development, high quality of manufactured products and constant implementation of innovative solutions have placed the company in the position of one of the leaders in the market of construction hand tools in the country and abroad. As part of the cooperation, we had the opportunity to redesign the packaging of Smart Level clips and designed the logo of the Kubala Good Practice Academy.

Project goals

The main task of the project was to modernize the packaging of the product line, to create a coherent set of products and variants for a consistent presentation of the entire Kubala product family. When creating the image of packaging, we tried to show that Kubala provides the highest quality products for the most demanding customers. Additionally, as part of the cooperation, we had the pleasure to design a logo for the project for the contractors of the Kubala Good Practice Academy. We believe that, in cooperation with Kubala, we have an influence on the fact that the products they offer meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers to the highest degree.


  • Design of packaging for the Smart Level product line 
  • Set of icons and illustrations 
  • Packaging visualizations 
  • Logo design 
  • Visualization of the logotype on the products


We started working on the concepts by examining the needs of the new packaging and determining what information is most relevant to the recipients. On the old packaging, we can see that all product data is arranged without much thought, and the color of the packaging itself was too similar to other products in this series. The manufacturer's logo was in the foreground. There was a breath of fresh air in our proposal. The arrangement of information has been carefully thought out. The most distinguished were the name of the series and the catalog number of the product, by which customers can identify a given product.

The illustrations have also been refreshed and harmonized for a light, clear linear style. We have added a transparent semicircle on the side of the package, thanks to which the customer can see the clips or wedges before buying. Each of the Smart Level products has its own individual color, which we decided to emphasize more on the packaging, using it as the background of the packaging. Thanks to this, we can easily distinguish a given product.

Smart Level products serie

The Kubala Smart Level series is a special system for leveling tiles. Among the products in this series, there are various types of clips and a set of wedges. All packaging has one consistent layout, which we have developed down to the smallest details in consultation with Kubala. During the design, emphasis was placed on a neat and aesthetic appearance, detailing the most important information.

A set of illustrations symbolizing products

For the needs of the new packaging, we have developed a set of illustrations that reflect the appearance of the products contained in the packaging, as well as purely instructional drawings. The simple and aesthetic linear design makes the illustrations perfectly harmonize with the other elements of the packaging, creating one whole coherence.

Logo design of the Academy of Good Practice

The Kubala Academy of Good Practice is a project for leading contractors, manufacturers of construction chemicals, construction specialists, teachers and students of vocational schools, to exchange knowledge, gain experience and develop through personal contact.

The logo of the Kubala Good Practice Academy consists of a graphic symbol - a signet and a typographic part. The design of the signet is made of two elements - a hand and a house that is inscribed in it. The hand symbolizes the work performed by construction specialists, their experience and professionalism. The house relates to the activity performed.

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