Dedicated applications

Dedicated applications – software tailored to your needs

Existing Content Management Systems are primarily tools for creating static pages in a specific structure. CMSs also offer the ability to manage media or news and also allow you to personalize menu items or contact forms. However, what if the company conducts training, wants to collect leads on its own or wants to put on the website a module of its store network with details about each of them?

Dedicated applications enter the action – solutions that we create strictly based on customer requirements. At the moment when we define the need to create non-standard modules or entire systems, we organize workshops with the client where we try to understand the idea of ​​business and the processes that take place in it. Team members (designers, uxes and programmers) interview the originator, on the basis of which the specification of project assumptions is created. This key document then allows you to outline initial functional mockups. These two key elements allow to confront the client’s perception of the planned product with the vision of the team responsible for project implementation.

Having a common course of action outlined, tasks are defined at a much higher level of detail and priority tasks are indicated. The most common consequence of these activities is the definition of MVP – a minimally working product that allows you to quickly recognize whether a project makes sense and whether we should continue working on its further development.

Examples of dedicated applications

Dedicated solutions are those modules that must be created according to strictly defined guidelines. Examples of such solutions that we had the pleasure to create are, among others:

  • Customer zones – complex systems that allow observing the history of the company’s relationship with the customer, accepting various types of requests, providing materials depending on permissions.
  • Training systems – online systems for managing courses, participants, certificates, schedules, and downloadable materials. These systems are able to lead a potential participant through the entire process – from registration, payment, training to obtaining a certificate and assessment of satisfaction
  • Marketplace – auction solutions and sales platforms aggregating hundreds of sellers, allowing the user to buy products from various sellers within one payment basket.
  • Dedicated sales services – systems enabling the creation and ordering of printing materials based on online wizards (in mobile and web applications). These systems are equipped with affiliate tools and loyalty programs, they also allow automatic calculation of salary for sales to individual traders.
  • Factoring systems
  • Bots in social apps
  • Promotional websites using mobile devices

The above examples are only part of the implementations that we were the authors. If you also need similar solutions (or maybe completely different?) – write us and let’s talk!

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