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Professional logo design is used by companies whose goal is to stand out and stand out from the competition. By deciding to design a company logo in our marketing agency from Lublin, you have the guarantee that your brand will become recognizable and your image will gain consistency in the message. When you decide to use our services, you get a logo design prepared in the form of vectors (choosing one of three options), full copyrights and, optionally, a brand book.

What is a logo and what is logo design?

A logo is an element of branding, a unique graphic symbol that is part of the visual identification of a company or other organization. The appearance of the logo being designed reflects the characteristics of the brand it represents. Brand logo designs can be as diverse as the target groups companies want to reach. An effective logo becomes the main marketing tool used in communication with potential recipients. A logo design tailored to the company's image strengthens trust, and often also evokes positive emotions.

Thanks to the logo design, it is possible to visually distinguish your company. You can also choose a unique product or service logo design - the decision often depends on whether a given project should "live its life" or whether it should be part of a larger product group.

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What elements does the design of the company logo consist of?

Commonly, very often, the words "logo" and "logotype" are used interchangeably. In fact, however, the two concepts are closely related, although they are not the same.

The "logo" consists of a signet (trademark), i.e. a graphic representation, and a logotype, i.e. the company's name. Optionally, it also happens that the so-called tagline is attached to the logo, ie the signature (eg the slogan "just do it" in the Nike logo). Therefore, the logotype itself is only a lettering element of the logo.

Often a logo is made of only a signet or logotype. However, this happens mainly in the case of companies with considerable recognition and an established image compared to the competition.

Where can be logo used?

A good logo design is characterized by the universality of its use. Due to the fact that it is easily remembered, we can use it in various ways. Below we present the most common use of the logo in practice.

Graphic designs in accordance with the visual identification

Creating a logo design is very often only the beginning of work on the company's marketing. It is a kind of a keynote according to which subsequent activities are carried out. Small companies decide in the next steps to design a business card, letterhead or flyers. However, the potential of a refined logo design is much greater and can be used for all kinds of ATL advertisements. It can also go to the digital world ...


An effective logo design should be created with its versatile use to maximize the chance of consolidating the company's image in the minds of potential customers. What does it mean? Exactly that, regardless of the medium on which it is applied, it should fulfill its function and unambiguously bind the medium to the brand.

Therefore, the logo design is made in several versions that are characterized by unique properties, such as the number of colors, transparency, etc.

Designs intended for advertising in the digital world are often used in the creation of websites. It happens that the graphic symbol design is placed in the pictures in the form of a watermark. The company is then sure that when its graphic materials are indexed using google or another search engine, they can be used by other users, but with a clear indication of their owner.

How is the logo creation process going?

At Mits, we always carry out logo designs according to a strictly defined process. Thanks to this, we are sure that the appropriate logo design will meet the expectations of the Ordering Party. Below we describe the logo design service we offer.

  • Briefing

In order to better match the client's expectations, we ask a number of questions related to the brand. We conduct this process by e-mail or during a meeting - depending on the client's preferences. It often happens that a company has its own idea of ​​how to communicate. Our goal is to give this communication the right character. You will find a few words on our blog soon about what questions appear most often at the briefing stage.

  • Competition analysis and collecting inspiration

At this stage, we do research to find as much inspiration as possible. We also check how the brand's competition looks and what factors will make us create a unique graphic design, different from the countless number of logo designs owned by other companies.

  • Creating moodboards

Knowing the main features of a brand, we create moodboards - boards of inspiration that show the direction of work. On moodboards, we group photos with a similar atmosphere and colors. Then we present these proposals to the client so that he can show us the direction in which we are going.

  • Create sketches

Once we know the client's expectations in terms of the required feelings accompanying the logo, we start sketching it. Most often, it is at this stage that dozens of logo designs are created - from the completely misplaced company logo, to those quite interesting and those that, in our opinion, perfectly match the intended purpose. Ultimately, we decide to choose a few proposals which we then digitize.

Logo design London sketches

  • Logo vectorization

We start working on vectorization of the logo by adding a scan of sketches to Illustrator. Only during works based on them do we determine whether the works will be suitable as target proposals.

And why do we vectorize the logo? This is because the design should be scalable - both for small materials (e.g. a two-sided business card design) and huge billboards. In addition, the use of a vector in the process of creating websites guarantees better optimization of graphics.

Logo design London

  • Verification of the uniqueness of ready-made logo designs

Even before presenting the results of the work, we check whether the proposals we have created, even if only by accident, do not resemble existing, real projects. After all, it often happens that when we think about portraying love, we use the heart, and when we talk about warmth, the sun comes to mind. It is similar with brands, their names and associated associations.

  • Preparation of the presentation of the logotype project in three versions

At this stage, the three selected logos are presented in different variants: on a white background, on a colored background, vertically or horizontally. However, the effects are most often presented in one version and in a version with an exemplary application.

  • Customer verification

The evaluation of the project implementation consists in selecting one of the three proposed versions. Each time we describe the projects, adding what was the idea behind each version. We also openly point out our point of view.

Logo design London

  • Corrections of the selected logo design

We are aware that even the most unconventional logo design may require corrections to fully meet the customer's expectations. That is why we are planning 3 rounds of logo design corrections.

Logo design London

  • Brand book

Depending on the budget allocated to the project, we finish the project at the stage of the logo itself in several color variants or we create a more or less extensive brand book. It contains information about the typography and the use of the sign on various media.

  • Transfer of copyright to the logo and the necessary files

After completion of the implementation, the client, in addition to the brand book (optional), receives output files with logos in various colors in raster and vector versions. We will create a separate blog entry about what files we provide to our clients.

Regardless of this, we transfer the copyrights to the client for the created project, enabling the use of the logo in any scope.

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A new logo or a facelift?

In the case of companies that have been on the market for many years, the process of refreshing the image is often considered risky. The loyalty of the owners and contractors can effectively dissuade from such an initiative, even though the signet or the entire logo looks a bit outdated. However, it is worth remembering that even the timeless logo designs of the largest companies are subject to facelift. Redesigning a company logo is often a complex process that requires refreshing at the same time all promotional materials created so far. However, we believe that based on our skills and experience, we are able to meet this challenge.

You can read below about how to re-design a logo.

Logo design London

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