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At Mits, we know that to provide the highest quality services, we must constantly expand our knowledge. New technologies, languages, architectural solutions – these are just some aspects of our work that change from day to day.

We are aware of how difficult it is to acquire advanced knowledge, therefore, in addition to designing and implementing digital products for our clients, we also offer technical training in the subjects in which we feel best. Programming, interface design, system architecture, application testing – these are just some examples of the trainings we offer. We help beginners to learn about the best tools, we help face the most-common problems at the beginning of their careers. On the other hand, we show the technical nuances to the advanced ones, changing the perspective to complicated issues.

Our team specializes in advanced training on the following topics:

  • Symfony Framework
  • Creating Rest API and using endpoints
  • Interface design
  • Application testing – functional and unit
  • Creating Single Page Applications using modern JS Frameworks
  • Product design
  • Elasticsearch
  • Queuing systems

In addition, we also provide training for beginners. The thematic scope includes issues that allow beginners to create their own website based on one of the popular content management systems.

The frequency and intensity of the training we offer is varied and adapted to the level of participants. We try to organize several trainings for different levels of experience and we determine the level of each participant based on individual assessment.

The courses we create guarantee gaining knowledge that allows you to create internet applications on your own. We show tools that increase website performance and indicate how to use them in the most effective way.

If you are interested in training in any of the above topics, write us or call.

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