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The website implementation phase has just finished. Website done! Store ready for sale! Sales success knocks on the door! Are you sure?

Despite the fact that the website has been prepared and everything looks fine at first glance, search engines do not look at it kindly. Days pass, weeks and months later, and the traffic on the site is still low. The website does not sell, although it is really effective. Why is this happening?

We have often encountered the situation when a client came to us with just such experiences as described above. Why was this happening? Hundreds of companies that create websites are limited to “clicking” on them by ready-made wizards. This page, despite the often nice layout, is very inefficient. Current search engine algorithms (among which Google is in the lead), in addition to the keywords themselves on the page, takes into account the issue of performance and a number of other factors. In the Mits team, we know that website optimization after the implementation phase (and preferably during it) is no less important than the website implementation process itself. Appropriate code structure, precisely selected html tags, finally server configuration and robot instructions – these are only a few of the huge number of tasks to be performed during the positioning of the page.

We are aware of the fact that the Customer as a potential user of the website and the person responsible for the content contained therein, does not want to bother with all issues related to it. That is why, to meet expectations, we prepare tools for automatic optimization of graphic files, we automatically generate the necessary attributes in tags, we secure websites with appropriate security certificates. We remember everything that the website owner should remember. We advise on the selection of appropriate phrases and indicate those that are not obvious and which can bring great benefits.

To guarantee the best results, we work with the best copy fighters. We know that nowadays “content is king”, which is why, apart from the implementation process itself, we offer content creation, social media channel management and advertising campaigns. We believe that the combination of all these tools can effectively support companies in achieving their goals.

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