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Post-implementation support

The publication of the website is an extremely important event on the axis of the company's activity. At last, after a period of hard work and weeks of meticulously developed strategies, the entrepreneur can present his offer to a much wider audience. Connecting millions of users together, the Internet network has been conquered, and the company's future is painted in colors of success. The only thing left for the entrepreneur is to calmly wait for the growing interest in the offer presented by him and the profits increasing day by day. This is what many might think. But what does it look like in reality?

Cooperation with us is not just a project

Mits team has been providing professional services for many years to those who are looking for optimal solutions for their business. Our business is years rich in various types of projects. The experience gained through them today allows us to serve with professional knowledge and practical approach to each client who turns to us.

In addition to professional implementation of websites and advanced e-commerce applications, our team also offers expert advice. The clients we serve can count on our support at every stage - both during the discussion of initial expectations and already after the implementation stage of the project. So what do we have to offer to those who have decided to trust us?

Implementation of the website is complete. What's next?

Rich in years of experience, we are aware that the client may feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the new possibilities provided to him as part of the service. That's why, when the entire process of designing and implementing a website or any other digital product is complete, we want to continue to provide knowledge and assistance to our Partners. As part of our projects, we offer a twelve-month implementation guarantee.

As specialists in our field, we are aware that as the application is used, the client may discover more areas of the application that need improvement. Therefore, as part of our post-implementation support service, we offer the availability of our team on an hourly basis preferred by the Client. In this way, we ensure that our Partners have priority access to the service and, consequently, that we respond to their needs in the shortest possible time.

At the Client's request, we also provide additional services, such as training the company's employees in managing the newly created product. However, our support does not end there.

Post-implementation support for our clients. What do we offer?

To maximize access to our services, we also offer Service Level Agreement support, which guarantees our clients the availability of developers with a predetermined response time to a request. To this end, we use the most popular tools on the market to manage such messages. This allows us not only to act quickly, but also to transparently present to the Client the progress of work on the various tasks carried out by the team. So what support can our partners count on?

Dedicated caretaker of the implemented system

Probably everyone has had the opportunity to face a situation in which they turned to a service provider with a specific problem, but from the moment of the report itself to its solution an alarmingly long time passed. The frequent reason for such a situation is not the problem itself, but the path that the customer has to travel in order to actually get to the solution. Why such a procedure?

Connecting with the general customer service department, we are unlikely to have any control over who we come to talk to. It is also very likely that our issue will not be resolved during one call. What is the consequence of this? It will be necessary to present the same problem to successive consultants each time. This will not only slow down the entire repair process, but will also cause fully understandable frustration in the customer seeking support.

In order to avoid similar situations and to ensure that our partners are as comfortable as possible with the services we provide, each project undertaken by the Mits team is assigned a dedicated supervisor. The designated specialist is intimately familiar with his Client's case, so he is able to respond to his Client's needs almost immediately, without having to create his profile from scratch.

Monitoring the app

As with the website, the premiere unveiling of the application is not the end, but only the beginning of the journey the company is taking in the digital world. Years of experience and numerous projects have shown us that Internet users' expectations are growing year after year, which obliges the service provider to constantly improve the product it offers.

In order to meet the needs of application users, the Mits project team offers a service such as application monitoring. This form of control allows us to catch possible weaknesses in the product and eliminate them immediately. As a result, our customers can be sure that the system they are working with is fully operational and allows them to access all the features it contains. 

Load tests

Probably everyone has experienced the feeling of annoyance associated with the inability to connect to the website of their choice. If the problem appeared once, we were able to forgive the provider such an unpleasant incident. However, if the message about the unavailability of the service appears regularly, especially related to too many active users, we are more likely to start looking around for a less unreliable alternative. So how to prevent the loss of trust of the end user of the service?

Our team offers its clients to conduct specially designed load tests. Their course is to reflect the behavior of the system during its use in conditions corresponding to the real one. For this purpose, special scenarios are created, the running of which allows developers to verify the correctness of the response of the tested system. Such action gives the opportunity to control performance and continuously improve the software, resulting in the elimination of the most likely failures.

Cyclic automatic tests

Cyclic automatic tests are an important element included in SLA services. Based on the results obtained during them, we can accurately determine whether the initial goals we set have been met. When is it useful to use automated tests?

This type of testing works well when we want to verify the performance of the system, as well as its behavior during a specific load, including its overloading. Automation guarantees that each test performed will be based on the same assumptions. This, in turn, will allow us to verify whether and how any changes made have affected the processes taking place within the system.

The undoubted advantage of such a solution is the reduction of the time required to carry out a similar test in the traditional manual form. In order to implement it, it is necessary to involve a team of programmers for many hours.

Server management and administration

Those establishing cooperation with the Mits team can benefit not only from our knowledge, but also from the server administration service we offer. As part of it, customers receive server space that guarantees the smooth operation of the software they use. Constant monitoring of the service allows you to optimize both the use of server resources and the response time of the application located on it.

Using our servers also means access to instant help from a team of programmers who will easily access application data in the event of a possible failure. The backup placed on Mits servers is also a guarantee of restoring all relevant data.

Post-implementation support of the project. Is it really needed?

This question can be asked by anyone who has decided to run an active business on the Internet. And although it might seem that the most difficult task is already behind us and we will no longer need a team of specialists, it is worth carefully analyzing the benefits of their further participation in the project. So, what do Mits clients who continue to work with us after the implementation stage have completed? Let's present it in a short summary. Mits post-implementation support includes:

  • an assigned Customer Relationship Manager responsible for any issues relating to the Customer
  • immediate response to possible failures
  • specially designed automated performance and stress tests
  • space on external servers
  • monitoring of the deployed application
  • constant access to tools that improve system performance
  • service and correction of projects made by other service providers

If you want to learn more about the post-implementation support service and what our team can offer you, write us or call us.

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