Post-implementation Support

Our team, in addition to the professional implementation of websites and advanced e-commerce applications, offers professional advice. The clients we work with are never left alone: ​​we prepare an analysis of the necessary work for them, present a plan and schedule of tasks performed and communicate at every stage of the project.

Website implementation completed. What’s next?

When the whole process of designing and implementing a website (or any other digital product) has been completed, the Customer has the right to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of functionalities that have been prepared as part of the service. We are aware that with our knowledge we should serve our partner both at the stage of creation and after the project.

As part of our digital projects, we offer a 12-month implementation warranty. In addition, at the client’s request, we introduce additional services consisting in training employees of the company in managing the newly created product. We are also aware of the fact that as the application is used, the Customer becomes aware of further elements that he can improve. Therefore, as part of the post-implementation support service, we offer the availability of our team in the hourly time declared by the client. We guarantee that our partner is treated as a priority and we are able to meet his needs in the shortest possible time.

We also offer additional SLA services that guarantee the availability of programmers with predefined response times. For this purpose, we use the most popular notification management tools on the market. They allow transparent presentation of the progress of work on individual tasks.

Other services provided as part of post-implementation support:

  • dedicated PM
  • application monitoring
  • load tests
  • cyclical automatic tests
  • server administration

and many others.

If you want to learn more about the post-implementation support service, write us or call.

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