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Hybrid mobile applications

There are currently two main operating systems for mobile devices on the market: Android and iOS. In order to create a mobile application that can be published in both system stores, we usually think that it is necessary to implement the same solution twice. It is well known that android applications are written in Java / Kotlin, while iOS requires knowledge of Objective-C or Swift. What does this mean for the customer? Increased cost of product preparation – the same modules must be written twice. Or maybe there is a better way to do it?

Hybrid applications – one code for many environments

Hybrid mobile applications are a fantastic solution to the above problem. There are a very large number of functionalities that are key from the user’s point of view, which can be implemented using hybrid solutions. With the help of tools such as React Native, Vue Native and Cordova, it is possible to create one common code that is the core of the project. Thanks to them, it becomes very easy to use the API, creating the so-called layouts and the use of basic devices built into telephones, e.g. cameras. So what function can we prepare in a hybrid application? Examples below:

  • the ability to use the application offline
  • push notifications
  • access to tools built into the phone: camera, GPS etc.

Undoubtedly, these and many other advantages speak in favor of choosing a hybrid application at the expense of the native application. However, it is worth mentioning that these solutions work well for simple projects. When we know that in the future we will need high efficiency because we plan to introduce millions of products, the hybrid may become insufficient.

However, definitely, focusing on the dynamics of development of our products, we can trust such a solution. Significant cost reduction, faster development time (although it is worth mentioning here that some functions must still be written in systems-dedicated languages), or finally universality in creating layouts – all this makes you think that hybrid applications are the perfect solution.

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