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Standing out from the competition is quite a challenge, and few can count on being memorable and cementing their position in the minds of consumers. Entrepreneurs entering the market with their business, offering services for which demand has been high for years or is constantly growing, face a considerable problem. However, becoming recognizable is not an impossible thing. So how to do it? The answer will be a properly designed visual brand identity.

Below you will learn what a Visual Identity System is and its importance for your company. You will learn about the issues related to building a visual identity and understand how even the less obvious actions taken by the company have an impact on the perception of the brand by customers. You'll also find out that it's not just logos that matter, and that you should be vigilant even when creating emails. But let's start at the beginning, which is to establish what a Visual Identity System is.

What is a Visual Identity System?

To put it as simply as possible, the Visual Identity System is a set of rules aimed at guiding all activities of a brand in such a way that every message it conveys is uniquely identified with that brand.

The Visual Identity System dictates both those elements that are visible at first glance and those that the recipients perceive with other senses. This is because its scope includes not only a distinctive logo or a memorable slogan, but also a number of behaviors of the company's employees towards the customer. In short, the Visual Identity System defines absolutely every area of the brand.

Among these most noticeable elements of visual communication is, of course, the brand logo. It is it that the founders of new companies first think about. Consequently, the element of a company's visual identity is also the colors used, fonts or characteristic shapes, the use of which must closely reflect the values represented by the brand.

To achieve such an effect, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the company's structures, its history and the mission it has chosen. Thanks to this, equipped with the appropriate knowledge, specialists are able to build a detailed identification system tailored to our needs, the consistent implementation of which will allow us to create a reliable image of the brand in the eyes of the consumer.

Does my company need a Visual Identity System?

Probably, as a responsible entrepreneur looking for effective solutions for your business, you are wondering if a corporate identity design is what your company needs. Well, assuming that you are at the beginning of your branding journey in the minds of your customers, we can certainly answer yes. Why? You don't have to look far at all to find the answer to this question.

Every day, as consumers, we are bombarded with countless advertisements offering a variety of services and products. Every day new companies appear on the market, fighting to gain our attention and attract as many customers as possible. However, even after a longer period of time and numerous marketing efforts, the status of a trustworthy brand can be boasted by few. What is behind their success? Consistent and consistently implemented principles of the Visual Identity System.

It's no secret that as consumers we are much more likely to reach for products of brands we already know. How much easier it is to trust a company whose distinctive logo makes a pleasant, catchy tune resound in our ears. Even if we don't remember the exact name associated with the image, the color scheme used by a given company will definitely help us identify items of interest.

Thus, a brand that has once convinced a customer has left a trace in his memory that he will follow in the future. Consequently, the consistent use in the company's image of the elements contained in the developed Visual Identification System, allows us to build a long-term relationship between the consumer and our brand, based on trust and loyalty.

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What do we count as part of the Visual Identity System?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, a company's visual identity is not only its logo. And although it cannot be denied that it plays an extremely important role in the process of building a brand image, it is just one of many elements that make up this image. So what do we count as part of the Visual Identity System?

Logo and Mark Book, the basis for design

A company's logo is the most noticeable of the elements included in the Visual Identity Book. Once chosen, it becomes a symbol identified with a given entity for years. It is not subject to any modifications that would go beyond the set of rules developed at the initial stage, known as the Brand Book. It includes guidelines that explain how to use the logo correctly.

The set includes the dimensions allowed for the mark and the colors to be used in particular cases. Placed on various types of surfaces and media, the mark must always remain legible. The conditions under which it is permissible to present the logo in full color, monochrome or achromatic versions are also specified in the Book of Marks.

A protective field is also designated, the task of which is to guarantee the legibility of the mark by not placing any additional elements in the forbidden space.

Of course, as part of rebranding, it is possible to refresh the original concept of the logo. However, one should not break with an already well-known and positive-feeling symbol, in order not to lose the trust of consumers once gained.

Color scheme and materials, or a consistent image

The Visual Identity System is the basis for all projects to be used in the company. Therefore, in order to create a coherent brand image, it is not enough to sign articles with a recognizable mark, but also to use its potential and develop it. In the Visual Identity Book, therefore, we will find guidelines that determine the form and colors of materials created for the brand.

We encounter this practice every day. It manifests itself in the interiors of chain restaurants, in corporate uniforms or in the office supplies used in company headquarters, such as letterheads or business card holders decorating the reception area. Maintaining color consistency of all elements guarantees the coherence of the brand image presented to customers.

Fonts and templates, or the use of a template

It is worth noting that in the process of creating a company's corporate identity, those elements that are less noticeable at first glance are also created. These include not only templates for office materials, but also templates for any documents created for the company, including e-mails, press releases or multimedia presentations. How do you get a consistent image for so many elements?

In addition to the aforementioned color scheme, the typography used in the designs is extremely important. The fonts we will use to present content on our website, in informational brochures or traditionally directed letters should not be chosen at random. Why?

It is well known that the first impression is the most important. A customer looking at the content of our offer will first notice the typography. The font used, probably even without the recipient himself being aware of it, will provide him with information on the basis of which he will form an initial opinion.

As consumers, we expect a professional approach and consistency from the company we approach. It is difficult to present ourselves in this light when consistency is not maintained in the creation of our own image, and haphazard typefaces appear on every item or letter we sign. The typeface will also tell the client what kind of business partner he is dealing with - those associated with traditional formulas or those with a more modern approach to the business they are conducting.

How much does a Visual Identity System cost?

When deciding on a project for a Visual Identity System, it is worth getting acquainted with the benefits that this tool brings. With a wide range of possibilities, our offer is tailored individually to the needs of each client. Regardless of whether we create a project from scratch or work on already created material, we make every effort to ensure that the effect meets the expectations of the ordering party and results in satisfaction of him and his customers.

The variety of available solutions, individual approach to each order, varied prices - all this will allow you to adjust the offer to your own needs.

From an interesting logo to a lasting relationship

The Visual Identity System is the most important tool an entrepreneur can use in building the image of his company. Basing the messages created by us on the data carefully worked out by specialists, which are the elements of the identification system, we can be sure that we direct a clear signal to the customers.

Placing elements of visual identification on various types of media that reach the hands of our recipients, starting with a recognizable logo, through the use of colors, fonts and shapes characteristic of our brand, every day we work to consolidate the bond connecting us with our customers. A bond based on trust in quality, consistent performance and the invariably professional level of services we offer.

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