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Sight is one of man's primary senses. It also constitutes one of the main aspects of our perception. This fact is increasingly effectively exploited by various types of agencies responsible for the client's image. Specialists in the field of graphic design take a number of measures to ensure that the concepts they create effectively interact with the target audience.

Below you will learn what role graphic design plays in creating a brand image, what is included in its scope and what benefits it will bring to your company. To begin with, however, we need to answer one question - what is graphic design anyway?

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a concept strongly associated with the field of visual communication, without which it is impossible to imagine the work of web developers. It is through it that companies advertising their content have a chance to reach their target audience. After all, a good graphic design that stands out from thousands of others will attract the attention of a consumer who is overstimulated and already desensitized to the attacks of advertisers.

So, in the simplest terms, graphic design is a tool for communicating with the recipient of the presented content, by striking at various aspects of his visual perception. Good graphic design ensures that the message is not only noticed, but also effectively affects the number of customers interested in the offer presented in it.

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What goes into graphic design?

We said to ourselves that graphic design is a tool, used to achieve certain specific goals. However, if we delve deeper, we see that the design of graphic elements is actually a complex process, the course of which depends on many factors. One of them is the place where the developed campaign will be presented to the audience. So what goes into graphic design?

Graphic designs for print

The most important thing to consider when creating graphic designs for printing is transferring what you see on the screen to paper. Printing at home most often leaves much to be desired. What goes wrong? First of all, colors that look great on the monitor already look completely different on the printed material. What is the reason for this?

The color palette that computers operate with is a combination of RGB (red, green, blue). Elements created with them can dazzle the viewer of the project until the print button is selected. Transferred to paper, the graphic elements are significantly different from the original. This is because a richer palette than RGB - CMYK - is used for printing. It includes cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It is its use and the correct setting of subsequent parameters that allows you to get a satisfactory result.

When preparing a project for printing, one should also not forget about the principles of printing, including the resolution of the created image. Here we do not operate with the concept of the pixel, and diopters are used as the basic unit. It is also important to carefully lay out all elements in such a way that they are not eliminated during the cutting of subsequent sheets.

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Graphic designs for websites

It has long been proven that simplicity is at the heart of the success of successful websites. It is not a matter of completely abandoning graphic elements, but their skillful integration into the structure of the site without disturbing its potential for fully intuitive use. So what to pay attention to in order to create good graphic designs for websites?

As we mentioned earlier, simplicity is important when it comes to graphic design for a website. Do not go for an overly elaborate range of colors. Images that are too colorful, instead of attracting the interest of a potential customer, may cause confusion in his mind and result in closing the tab. The same is true of the fonts used on the site. Too many elements of different sizes may prove too much for the eyes of an Internet user. Also, the graphics posted on the site should not be random and should fulfill strictly defined functions.

However, this is not all that determines whether our site is user-friendly and will bring the expected results. Behind its effectiveness are specialists in graphic design, who translate the knowledge and experience gained over the years to the screens of computers and smartphones.

Corporate identity and logo designs

Visual identity has an important place in a field such as graphic design. It is the elements that fall within its boundaries, such as logos, slogans and colors, that build the bond between the company and the customer. A well-conducted visual identity plan is the basis for creating a lasting and recognizable brand image in the customer's mind.

Applying the principles described as a visual identity system during the creation of the project, you gain the opportunity to present your company, its products and services, as unique in the market. Thus, the logo that represents us wins the trust of customers and gains power in itself.

Graphic design - pricelist

As you can see, the services we offer cover various elements of graphic design. Varied prices allow us to meet the needs of not only well-positioned corporations in the market, but also companies just starting out in the industry. Regardless of which group our clients present, we make every effort to ensure that their investment brings the best possible results.

Design from specialists for specialists

There are many graphics programs on the market that allow you to process various types of materials at home. Among them there are better ones, and there are inferior ones. Some we will get for free, for others we will have to pay. Although the prospect of facing the problem yourself and creating a one-of-a-kind corporate profile may seem tempting, it is worth trusting experienced graphic designers. Their skills are not limited to creating an interesting element. Let's remember that good graphic designs are not the ones we like, but the ones that expand our customer base.

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