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At the next stages of their activity, companies define various goals that they try to achieve. The task of new companies is to appear in the customer’s awareness, the larger ones face the organization of internal processes and the expansion of sales channels.

Web applications

Years of experience in creating websites mean that we can consider our team as experts. Constant development of the team, paying close attention to details, stability and security – all these issues guide us at the stage of project implementation.

We prepare each implementation after a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements. We also know that the first impression after entering the site is only one. We can advise proven solutions but we can also say “stop” when we think that a given idea is risky or does more harm than good. First of all: we focus on communication and a partnership approach in our relationship with clients.

Below is a list of services we offer as part of web applications:

  • Competition websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Customer areas
  • Custom modules and development of existing solutions
  • Tools and technologies

We implement our projects based on technologies that in our opinion best meet the defined requirements. Our most used technologies are:

  • JavaScript – from simple libraries to advanced frameworks
  • PHP – we rely on both popular CMSs such as WordPress and we prepare our own solutions based on Symfoy, Yii or Laravel frameworks
  • NodeJS – used in projects where asynchronity or the need to use solutions for communication between users is required
  • SQL – we create and implement efficient database architecture
  • Queuing systems (RabbitMQ)
  • Search Engines (Elasticsearch)
  • Cache engines
  • Cloud solutions

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